Posted Date : 18-12-2017
Vacancy Name : Clinical Scientist
Experience Required : 6 - 22 Years.

Job Description

Educational Qualifications & Certificates:

Essential Education:
PhD degree from an accredited institution in an area of pre implantation embryology

Required Certification/Licensure:
Not stipulated for this profession in Qatar and North America

Essential Experience:
6 years

Job Responsibilities:
1. Assist Chairman in the day to day operation of the clinical laboratories.
2. Monitor the work assignments of each Section/Division in order to assure the proper functioning of all sections.
3. Facilitates the ordering of the supplies and materials and ensure adequate inventories for each Section/Division
4. Investigates and acts as an arbitrator in matters of dispute arising from work assignments recommends any necessary disciplinary action to the department head through the lab director.
5. Acts as laboratory representative in Hospital committees if and when required by the lab director.
6. Participates and assists in continuing education of the technical staff and training program in
SMA 2017/ Template
medical technology for developees and Qatar University students.
7. Oversees the Implementation and documentation of quality control /assurance program.
8. Assures responsibilities for maintaining department safety standards.
9. Perform other professional duties as required by her head of the section and the department
10. Responsible for management of human embryos and provides input into clinical decisions.
11. Coordinates Patient information for gamete and embryo status with physicians, nurses and
laboratory personnel.
12. Analyzes and prepares fresh and/or frozen semen samples for insemination of patients or
oocytes retrieval, determines oocyte insemination.
13. Determines fertilization results, monitors in-vitro development of cultured embryos, and
evaluates embryo suitability for transfer or cryopresevation.
14. Assists with and confirms transvaginal embryo transfer with physician; determines normalcy
and viability of non-transferred, extra embryos and performs cryopesevation techniques of
appropriate embryos.
15. Performs daily quality control and quality assurance reviews; maintains accurate and
complete records of all procedures.
16. Strictly adheres to policies and procedures regarding patient/specimen identification and
patient confidentiality.
17. Prepares sterile media and supplies; maintains gas, water baths and liquid nitrogen tanks;
assists in or evaluates in or evaluates the need for emergency repair of laboratory
equipment; performs calibration and preventive maintenance of equipment.
18. Maintains laboratory inventory; orders equipment and supplies.
19. Performs other duties as assigned.

Employment Details

Salary : Salary will be offered depend upon your qualification and experience.
Place : QATAR
Number of vacancies : 2

Desired Candidate Profile

Division : International Health Care
Feild : Others
Specialization : Research Scientist