Posted Date : 08-01-2018
Vacancy Name : Auditory Verbal Therapist
Experience Required : 5 - 10 Years.

Job Description

Principal Accountabilities
1. Assist and investigate, diagnose various hearing impairment and balance. The services include seeing patients of all ages- infants, children, and adults. 2. Evaluate hearing of patients with ear abnormalities and/or auditory disorders through case history. -Clinical observation and diagnostic tests of auditory function, including: Physiologic Testing (AABR, ABR and OAEs) immittance audiometry (acoustic reflex, tonde decay, ETD), speech reception, and speech discrimination tests. 3. Behavioural testing (conventional audiometry) (BOA, VRA, CPA). 4. Administers and interprets electrophysiological tests including, AABR, ABR, ECOG, VEMP, ASSR, ENG/VNG (balance testing) including Rotary Chair, VOR, platform posturography, and caloric test. 5. Rehabilitation services including hearing aide selection, fitting,
orientation and counseling. 6. Case histories and patient reports. 7. Involved in teaching and research activities related to audiology field. 8. Training of new Technicians and Assistant Technicians. 9. Performs hearing screening of children in schools as well as health centers. 10. Maintains continuing education requirements in compliance with the mandate for professional literature. 11. Performs other projects and duties related to departmental objectives. 12. Must be able to get along with others, to be a team player, to accept constructive criticism from supervisor, and to follow work rules.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience
 Education:
Minimum: Minimum: Bachelor\\\'s degree in Science, Nursing or Audiology and
Speech Therapy
Preferred: Preferred: Masters degree of Science in Audiology and Speech Therapy
 Experience: Minimum: Minimum: 5 years experience as a Senior Audiology Technician in
Audiology and Balance at HMC
Preferred: Preferred: 10 years experience

Employment Details

Salary : Salary will be offered depend upon your qualification and experience.
Place : QATAR
Number of vacancies : 2

Desired Candidate Profile

Division : International Health Care
Feild : Paramedical
Specialization : Therapist